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Announcement News - Farewell from Melanie


Farewell from Melanie

Dear valued clients,
I hope you have enjoyed a peaceful start in 2019. The New Year brings with it new beginnings,
fresh challenges and time for a change. For me, it means leaving my family at EsoLab South
Melbourne to pursue new endeavors. While I am still finalising the details of these changes I
wanted to write and inform you of what this means for your ongoing care.
I will still be practicing Chinese Medicine (location to be advised), and in order for continued
growth personally and professionally, it is time for a change. I am beyond grateful for my time at EsoLab, working with such talented practitioners has completely transformed the way I practise Chinese medicine. I take with me newly acquired skills that I would not have discovered without the teams guidance and
I save my biggest thanks to you! Thank you for sharing the intimate details of your life with me. It
is an absolute privilege to walk alongside you and share my knowledge and love of Chinese
Medicine with you. I hope we can continue this journey together.
My final day at EsoLab with be Thursday 31st January, I would love to see you in this time should
you require treatment. When the details of my new clinic space are finalised I will update you. In
the meantime, Sophie, Ivy, and Jen are available at EsoLab for all your healthcare needs.
Thank you again for your support and wishing you health and happiness

Posted by Jennifer Price


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