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A dedicated lover of Chinese Medicine

The story of Melanie Milne

When I begin to tell the story of how I came to be at EsoLab I usually begin with at the point where I discovered Chinese Medicine, however I have recently learnt that my journey really began once upon a time long ago... you see has a child I had a love of all things mystical and adventurous, I enjoyed looking at life from different perspectives.

Chinese Medicine had always been in the periphery of my life, with family and friends achieving unbelievable results after acupuncture and consuming strange decoctions of herbs. My first experience of Chinese Medicine didn't occur until many years later. After working in the hairdressing industry for over 12 years both here and in the UK I had reached a point in my life where I was unhappy and disillusioned with life. For a long time I just accepted that life wasn't always fair and that happiness was a fictitious state of being. However as time went on I questioned those thoughts and knew I needed to make a change, a friend suggested acupuncture.

After my first treatment I was a convert. Just one treatment helped me feel more energized, happier and I was able to think more clearly. I was blown away by the result, but the question still remained, what was I going to do with my life? The next step took three years of soul searching and indecision, before eventually I had no choice but to enrol into a TCM course to learn the art of the magic needles. People questioned my decision to give up hairdressing and go back to study but once I had made my decision I placed my trust in the universe to look after me and forged ahead.

Studying Chinese Medicine was the perfect fit for me, it just made sense. The theory of yin and yang, the synergy of organ systems and the five elements was so exciting to me and it still is. I'm not saying it was easy by any means, but this oriental system of healthcare seemed logical yet magical, complex yet simple. Essentially treatment involves correcting imbalance within the body therefore Chinese Medicine offers assistance with many type of conditions. For me the treatment of mental health disorders, dermatologic and cosmetic conditions are of special interest, having said that I like a challenge so all internal medicine interests me.

The beauty and diversity of Chinese Medicine is what inspires me every time I see someone in clinic; it inspires me to keep questioning, learning and growing every day. To be able help people achieve their own unbelievable results is a gift. I love to inject fun and the mystical elements of Chinese Medicine into my treatments as I believe they are as essential tools in the healing process.

So by some miracle/twist of fate/hard work I have now become a member of the EsoLab family, working with fabulous practitioners, in the best clinic in Melbourne ( I am biased!) Some of you I have already met and for others I look forward to meeting you soon. I just wanted to say hi and introduce myself.

Melanie x

Posted by Melanie Milne


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