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Practitioners News - Change
Change can be hard. But more often than not, it is resistance to change that becomes the obstacle, not the change itself.



Change can be hard. But more often than not, it is resistance to change that becomes the obstacle, not the change itself.

Whether our challenge is physical health, emotional and spiritual hurt, or simply just tackling those unexpected curve balls that life throws at us... whatever the case, transition stages can be uncomfortable and tough. Fear of entering into newness can sometimes cause us to retreat back into our familiar spaces – spaces of predictability and control. Despite the negativity that continues to re-visit us, we convince ourselves and others that this must be the only way to live and that we are in control. What we fail to realise but know deep down is that we are actually the one being controlled – controlled by fear.

Fear causes us to avoid what our real core needs are and confuses us by re-directing our attention to those things that are unimportant. We become distracted from our true path and like a rat confined in a cage on a wheel, we feel like we are constantly running but going nowhere. We feel stuck. Often in the face of change we may also view ourselves as not good enough, not strong enough, not worthy enough or even not ready enough to take the next step. Judgement towards ourselves clouds our ability to trust ourselves. Again, we become paralysed by fear.

The thing I love about Chinese Medicine is that it is a practice that invites change. In fact, it sees change as very necessary and an essential part of life. Qi, Blood, Yin and Yang all ebb and flow through various states of change to keep the body in balance. Without change, nature cannot continue to evolve and people cannot continue to grow. At a biological level, cells require constant change and renewal in order to keep organs and systems functioning at optimal levels. At an emotional/spiritual level, inner growth requires an openness to change and a willingness to let go and move on.

However, as I mentioned, change is not easy. In my practice, I am constantly inspired by the courage of patients who struggle with change initially but bravely choose to surrender to it, only to discover a freedom on the other side. They have also opened my eyes to the various facets of change. I am understanding that change can take place in many different ways and within any time frame. It seems there is no set way that an individual must change.

In whatever shape or form change appears in, it is inevitable. The pulse of life requires change and it simply cannot thrive without it. Similarly, our progression as humans depends on our openness to change at both physical and spiritual levels. Change can be an opportunity to really understand and confront what it is we actually fear. It can expand a person’s true potential by opening doors to both inner awareness and external life experiences. Most importantly, change can allow healing and the space to listen and trust in ourselves again. All that life asks of us is that we remain open to change and allow it to happen.

Posted by Ivy Chew


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