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Grace Moy O'Brien

Naturopathy and Counselling


Grace is a firm believer in the connection between mind, body and spirit. Her desire is to help you achieve a more connected, holistic and balanced lifestyle. Grace grew up with Chinese medicine and spirituality. These informed the foundation of her practice as a healer when she started practising as a Naturopath and continued to inspire her all the way to studying Acupuncture later on at RMIT.

Grace uses many techniques to diagnose your state of health, including pulse and tongue diagnosis, Iridology and Vega testing. Diet, lifestyle and presenting symptoms are taken into consideration and treatments are individually tailored to suit your needs. A Naturopathic session with Grace usually includes a Vega test, Iridology, Bio - Well Human Energy Field analysis as diagnostic tools. A pulse, tongue and face diagnosis is also undertaken. A comprehensive dietary consultation is taken and tailored to suit the client's presenting conditions and lifestyle. Herbal remedies, flower essences, vitamins supplements and homoeopathic medicine may also form part of her treatment. Grace also addresses stress management and lifestyle issues are as part of the consultation.

Clients who present with issues such as the following should think about having a Naturopathy session: Hormonal Issues, Depression and Anxiety, Gastro-intestinal and digestive problems, Skin problems, headaches and migraines, low energy and chronic fatigue, period cramps, endometriosis, weight loss and children's health.
As a counsellor she believes that we are all spiritual beings, having a shared human experience on this earth. Using various counselling and energetic techniques, as Grace's patient you are supported through times of crisis and life issues. Grace aims to help you understand yourself more profoundly and to achieve a more authentic integrated and fulfilling life.


grace@esolab.com.au www.gracemoyobrien.com



M.App.Sc Acupuncture, ND,
Ad.Dip.Transpersonal Counselling,
B.Ec, Grad Dip Hospitality.
Member of ANTA
Registered CMBA, Registered AHPRA.


Wednesday 10am-6pm

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